1st outfit

Speedily I found myself in the Eurostar on my way to London just minutes after Nicolas Ghesquière came out for his applause for another marvelous Louis Vuitton show. Paris Fashion Week was over for me. With my exhausted best friend by my side, for the first time in six days we quietly just sat next to each other. We enjoyed an entire box 24 Pierre Hermé’s macarons, which, by the way, puts any other macaron I have tried to shame; _ and crashed till the train arrived in London.

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remarks of a dress


I have more events that require me to wear a dress than I have ever wished for this in life period. Do not get me wrong, I am a party girl. I am down for every dressy event life throws at me. Now, choosing the right dress according the crowd I will be facing… _ Wait. What am I saying??? I am only after pleasing myself, my current mood and my lust for remarkable dresses. This Stella McCartney dress came down the runway screaming “you need me now.” I have a very soft spot for unique, impressive and modern garments. My love for it was so strong that I overlooked the color of it. Reds and I aren’t commonly found hanging together. It was inevitable, once on me that was no memory of credit card statements. So I have worn it; messy hair, traditional pumps and a small clutch. As anticipated, it was remarkable. Now, I will be making the best out of it to wear as many times as I can.

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Now imagine every year fashion week is pretty chilly around September, yet this year it was so not! In fact it was too hot and you still see me wearing my winter clothes ready for the fall season! Superheroes do not complain about their suits when too hot do they? Here, outside the Chanel show a picture taken Daniel Bruno from TheUrbanSpotter. Daniel is a fashion photographer who enjoys capturing photos of individuals who wear outfits that stand out and not to mention he is totally amazing! Such a great guy and it was a pleasure walking the streets of Paris and been captured by him.

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While running around from show to show during Paris fashion Week I found myself wearing the ME outfit, jeans and sweater. The go to outfit is easy, comfortable and what better combo than this? May I add how much I love the shoulder embellishment. This photo was taken outside of the Elie Saab show with my fashion week wifey Evangelie. She’s been on the go with me the entire time during fashion week! Until next time Paris…

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