9 and 1/2 months


This is it. The last photo of my belly and I. It has been a fast but yet very painful 9 and 1/2 months. Different than my first pregnancy, this pregnancy came with all the side effects that the books warns a thrilled expecting mother to be about it. In the other hand, I must be thankful that I have only gained 23 lbs. I am still not sure how as I have eaten at least 4000 calories daily. My diet during this pregnancy would have put Mr. Super Size Me to shame, and I say that as I enjoy a giant cup of Eggnog.
This Saturday, as I walk into my schedule c-section, I will proudly be wearing the same jeans I did at my 8 weeks check up.

Louis Vuitton dress similar here

But may I give this moment to the most reliable and best dress I had to accompanied me this past 9 and  1/2 months. My dear Louis Vuitton lace dress has been here, there and everywhere my belly decided to go. It has been worn to dinner parties, day parties, nightclubs, charity events, fashion week… My LV has kept me happily well dressed. I can’t wait to wear you, my lovely, post baby and cherish all the moments we had together, even the bad ones, for years to come. You will always be hanging in there for me, and I know that for sure.

Louis-Vuitton-Fall-13 Louis-Vuitton-lace-dress