Best On Sale!

“Good morning D! R u coming to shop?” That was the message I received from a friend of mine at 7:47 a.m. on Black Friday… Had she lost it!? Was it a joke? Or had I forgotten to explain the sales rules to my dear friend? Those questions I had asked myself only registered in my mind after I responded with, “Nope! I did my shopping last week, and in the middle of the night!”
I never heard back from her, she probably thinks I am the crazy one: “Last week? Middle of the night?”
I can’t deny, I love getting those Balmain velvet pants on sale, and instead of deciding whether I should get the black or the withe Alexander McQueen cape, I added BOTH to my shopping bag. Sales are lovely, especially for the ladies in California. The same day we retire our Giuseppe Zanotti lace up sandals, we get to purchase those Versace over-the-knee boots.
And, I have to be honest… I’d rather wear pharmacy brand make up than go against the desperate Black Friday so called “shoppers”.
So when I said “last week”, and “in the middle of the night”, I meant, “Hon, you know you could have called your Barneys sales person, (in my case a sales team) and they would have put everything aside for you!” AND “Did you know, net-a-porter and ssence started their sales at midnight EST?”
I don’t recall how or what my Thanksgiving nights used to be before internet sales. Now I can say it might be the most enjoyable night of the year for me. Of course, the day starts with bloodies, followed by tequila shots! Already intoxicated and of course starving, I stuff myself with food just like the Turkey I had done earlier. While I wait for the dessert table, which includes French, American, and Persian desserts, I get to enjoy the first of many more glasses of champagne to come. I get to leave my daughter with my in-laws, and have an early evening at the movies with my husband. We eat more, we come home, we have a party for ourselves, which of course involves more drinks, and a VERY loud Swedish House Mafia station on Pandora. But wait, it gets better! No later than 1 a.m. my hubby is completely, absolutely, and totally, passed out. That is when my lover comes to the rescue… Mr. MacBook and I spend the rest of the night in my bed, looking at online sales, without the hassle of crazed shoppers or over-caffienated teeny boppers.
Ahhhhh…. Sweet success!
net a porter sale